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Mickey finding a piece of Extra Content.

Extra Content is a type of collectible item in Epic Mickey. Collecting them unlocks a piece of concept art viewable in the main menu. They physically appear as a floating piece of paper with a pencil drawing Mickey's head. Unlike other collectibles, like Pins and Film Reels, it's possible to collect all of them in a single playthrough.

In Epic Mickey

There are 50 pieces of Extra Content in Epic Mickey.

Dark Beauty Castle

  • The Mad Doctor's Lab I: Found on a floor behind some wood revealed after the return there.
  • The Mad Doctor's Lab II: Found in the hidden room of the Mad Doctor's Lab after Mickey defeats the Mechanical Arm.
  • Dark Beauty Castle I: Found in the Courtyard under the thinnable base of the left ramp.
  • Oswald and Ortensia: Found in the Throne Room.
  • The Throne Room: Found in the Throne Room.
  • Sleeping Ortensia: behind the control panel in the Fireworks Control Tower
  • The Blot: Found in Loss Tower as the floors are giving way beneath you.
  • Blot Attack I: Found in Grief Tower.
  • Blot Attack II: Found in Utilidor VII near a chest with a Gold Pin
  • Horning Blot: In one of the towers with the real Blot

Gremlin Village

  • Tunnels: Offered by Tiestow if Mickey patched the steam pipes.
  • Spatter Springs Up: Found in the Ticket Booth on the boat under the gears.
  • Pirate Gate: In the Jungle Boat Ride, Mickey must jump on the plants under the Animatronic Hippo near Gremlin Pinza and get it; it's behind the Giraffe.
  • World of Gremlins II: In the Asian Boat Ride, Mickey must thin out the lower part of the Goddess of Sun near the exit. He has to ride on the clouds to get it.
  • World of Gremlins I: In Gremlin Village, Mickey must erase the pink thinnable wall to the right of the entrance and enter the secret area with the smashing platforms. The platforms can kill him with a hit. He must get past them while avoiding being squished.
  • Inky Mickey: Mickey must complete the "Find Small Pete's Ship Log" Quest and enter the Colosseum to get Small Pete to open a room of treasure.

Mean Street

  • Mean Street: Mickey must get on top of the Train Station and get it.
  • Mickey Faces I: Available for sale in the Emporium for 200 E-Tickets on Mickey's first visit.
  • Mickey Faces II: Available for sale in the Emporium for 200 E-Tickets on Mickey's second visit (after Mickeyjunk Mountain).
  • Thinner Falls: Available at the Emporium for 200 E-Tickets after Mickey returns from Mickeyjunk Mountain.
  • Mickey Faces III: Available for sale in the Emporium for 200 E-Tickets on Mickey's third visit (after Tomorrow City).
  • Mickey Faces IV: Available for sale in the Emporium for 200 E-Tickets on Mickey's fourth visit (after Tortooga)
  • Fantasyland: Buy from Ice Cream Parlor (after Tortooga).
  • Blot Roar: Buy from Emporium (after Tortooga).
  • Mickey & Oswald: Found in Walt's Apartment on top of the Firehouse.


  • Ortensia's House: Mickey must thin out the wall between the real house and Clarabelle's house to get it.

Mickeyjunk Mountain

  • Bunny Children: Mickey must hit the Gumball switch and get it.
  • Mickeyjunk Mountain I: Mickey must jump on the blocks and get it.
  • Mickey Faces I: It can be bought on the first visit to Mean Street.
  • Epic Mickey: Mickey must go through the Birthday Poster and get launched by the steamer.
  • Oswald's Throne: Behind his throne.
  • Oswald Poses: On the Mickey Mouse arm found in Oswald's sanctuary.

Tomorrow City

  • Tomorrow City: In Tomorrow Square, thin the floor on the rear walkway leading to the Rocket Ride control panel, then follow the walkway below to a wall that can be smashed.
  • Petetronic: In Space Voyage smash a wall across a glass room.
  • Space Voyage: Defeat Petetronic in either way.


  • Mickey Spill: Purchase from Tiki Hut Store.
  • Thinner Pump: Buy from smaller Hut Shop (available only if you fix the machine in Skull Island).

Pirates of the Wasteland

  • Sea Battle: In Skull Island, thin a wooden wall beneath Pete Pan's perch.
  • Animatronic Croc: In the Jolly Roger, cross the masts and drop behind the ship's stern to find this one.

Bog Easy

  • Lonesome Manor Passage: Located near Louis' shack.
  • Bog Easy: Purchase from Bertrand's shop after helping the Organ.

Lonesome Manor

  • Lonesome Manor II: In the Graveyard, thin out the window on the right side of the upper balcony.
  • Lonesome Manor I: In the Foyer behind the same portray as Gremlin Haig.
  • The Mad Doctor: The Stretching Room, behind one of the panels.
  • The Mad Doctor Pod: In the Attic, above one of the Beetleworx Generators.

Inside the Blot

  • Lonesome Manor III: On a lower ledge in the Heart chamber.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two


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