Prescott and the Mad Doctor in The Fall of Prescott filmed by the Cameraman of Animatronic Daisy

The Fall of Prescott is a song from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. It is sung by Mad Doctor, Gremlin Prescott, Big Bad Pete, and Animatronic Daisy.


Mad Doctor: Prescott. Dear Prescott.

You shall not be forgotten.

I'll tell your story, of how it all went rotten.

What happened to you, gremlin?

How'd you meet this day?

Why'd you turn your back on Wasteland?

Why'd it end this way?

Prescott: I will tell you. All must understand it.

All those things that went so wrong.

It was I who planned it.

Mad Doctor: Unfortunate toon, your message I will send.

Rest now, and let us be at peace.

Your evil now will end.

Prescott: I know I am a villain--

The worst they're speaking of.

But please remember this--

I only wanted to be loved.

Big Bad Pete: Well, dat's dat.

I'll take it from here.

Lemme question him alone, and his answers will be clear.

Mad Doctor: You heard him!

He worked alone!

His evil met its fate!

The earthquakes are gone.

Let's go to Mean Street, and celebrate!

Animatronic Daisy: What will you do now?

Mad Doctor: I'm going to build a magnificent attraction.

There will be joy in Wasteland.

And such satisfaction.

There are Beetleworx and Blotworx.

Battles to be won.

Secrets to uncover, there's so much to be done.

(Mad Doctor laughs loudly.)


  • When Animatronic Daisy asks the Mad Doctor, "What will [he] do now?", the Mad Doctor grins evilly and a thunder sound can be heard, hinting at his evil ambitions.
  • The line, "Secrets to uncover" could be a reference to Prescott's innocence and the Mad Doctor's feigned friendship to the heroes.


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