Fantasia Image on the projector screen

The Fantasia levels are Projector Screen levels that take Mickey through various parts of Dark Beauty Castle along with Sleeping Beauty.


Scene 1:

If Mickey used the thinner method in the throne room then he gets this level. Mickey has to go across a horizontal level using flying books as platforms so he doesn't land in the water.

Scene 2:

If Mickey used paint in the throne room, this projector screen level is accessible instead. Mickey has to climb from the tops of the cliffs to the stars in order to get to a large star that houses the exit projector screen.

Scene 3:

Marching Brooms from Scene 3

Mickey has to climb a tower avoiding streams of water that the Brooms tip down.

Scene 4:

Mickey has a limited time to get to the top as the Magic Brooms are actually flooding the film so if he isn't fast enough, Mickey will be hurt by the rising water.

Scene 5:

Because the Blot destroyed the tower containing this projector screen, it is not accessible. However, before the Blot destroys it, you can see the projector screen.


  • This level, along with Sleeping Beauty, are the only Projector Screen levels that do not have any E-Tickets to collect. Instead, Mickey can collect sketches to refill his supply.
  • After you set up the 3rd tower with fireworks the tower that had Scene 5 in it is destroyed by the blot and Mickey has to find another way back to the control tower.
  • Unlike the real film this level has sound effects when the original did not.
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