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Personally, I found this to be anticlimactic. I was hoping Mickey would fight the real Shadow Blot himself, but it seems that losing Mickey's Heart causes it to go unstable, leaving it weak enough to be completely destroyed by Oswald's fireworks.

But at least Wasteland has been restored to how it was before the Thinner Disaster. Yen Sid reports that it may be even better, as it no longer needs any maintenance, and even people like Ortensia who perished in the Blot Wars and the Thinner Disaster are now back! It all goes to show you that there is always a way to undo the damage, especially whenever Mickey Mouse is involved.

Remember how all throughout the playthrough I was talking about Hero and Scrapper paths? That is, at numerous points in the game, Mickey gets decisions to make: Usually, one will be heroic and altruistic, and the other will be cruel and destructive. The major decisions show up in the ending. Since I took the Hero path whenever I could, I got a bunch of shots showing life in Wasteland returning to normal, with the bright cheery colors they've longed for ever since the Blot took them away. (The Mad Doctor does not appear in the ending, it seems. It doesn't matter whether you took the Hero or Scrapper method to defeat him; the end result seems to be the same.) The one thing I might think would factor in the ending I don't have is rescuing all of the Gremlins. Does anybody know if the ending changes if you find and free all thirty?

Don't forget to check out the teaser after the credits! (There is a bit of conflict among players whether this appears only in some endings and not others. It appears in all endings. The reason why you don't see it sometimes, especially in other people's YouTube playthroughs, is because they will often cut out the credits and this scene along with it, or they cut out this scene because they didn't know it was there.)

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