Find Daisy's Parts is a quest in Epic Mickey, found in Ventureland. The parts can either be found in chests scattered around the Pirates of the Wasteland world or purchased from the Tiki Hut for 1,000 E-Tickets each after returning from Skull Island

Part locations

  • After returning to Tortooga from the Jungle, a blue chest containing one of Animatronic Daisy's legs now appears on the dock near where Mickey first enters the area.
  • Daisy's left leg is located high up near the backside of Skull Island. Climb up from the Pirate Conversion Machine. Daisy's leg is in a blue chest, next to where Pete Pan is walking around.
  • After beating Animatronic Hook, Daisy's last part is given as a reward from Smee, but only if Mickey either used all Paint or all Thinner on the machine pumps at Skull Island. If they were ignored or a mixture of both Paint and Thinner was used, the final piece will need to be purchased from the Tiki Hut for 1,000 E-Tickets instead.
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