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Find Daisy's Parts is a quest in Epic Mickey, found in Ventureland.

In The Jungle, once you find all 5 red gems and fix the 4 tiki heads, climb on top where there is a well. Down there is one of Animatronic Daisy's arms.

After returning to Tortooga from the jungle, a blue chest will appear near where you first entered the area. In that chest, you will find one of Animatronic Daisy's legs.

On Skull Island, climb up from where the pirates are being made into monsters. Daisy's leg is in a blue chest, next to where Pete Pan is walking around. (High up on the backside of the island)

After beating Animatronic Hook, using either the paint or thinner method, Daisy's last part is given as a reward from Smee.

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