Find Goofy's Parts is a Quest given by Goofy in OsTown.

Goofy said that he was destroyed by the Mad Doctor's Spinners in Tomorrow City and all of his parts were scattered.

Goofy's Parts

  • In the Tomorrow City Lagoon where the Notilus is, Mickey needs to use thinner on the green patch in the wall to get the chest.
  • In the Great Big Tomorrow Exhibit Hall, Mickey must redeem the Slobber with Paint to redeem the chest.
  • In Tomorrow Square when Mickey starts up the trams in the secret area underground, he must ride them to the platform with the chest.
  • In Space Voyage, Mickey must thin out the entrance to the elevator on the platform with the Tanker and ride it up to the ramp leading to the chest.

If Mickey didn't find all of the parts, Casey has them in the Emporium for 1,000 E-Tickets each. The Quest is in action until Mickey re-enters Tomorrow City to destroy the Bloticles and defeat the Blot.


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