Find the Jungle Symbols is a quest given by Gentleman Starkey in the Tortooga Jungle. To complete the quest, Mickey must find three symbols around the area. They can be uncovered by thinning out certain parts of the level. Once the quest is complete, Mickey can talk to Gentleman Starkey again to have a platform lowered so he can reach a switch to unlock Hangman's Tree, allowing him to proceed.

Symbol locations

  • Locate the rock arch that's boarded up with toon wood planks across the log from where Starkey stands. Thin the mossy rock to uncover the symbol.
  • Climb on top of the tiki heads and jump on the tree to the right, then to the piece of land. Thin the mossy rock near the bushes to reveal the symbol.
  • Towards the back at the base of Hangman's Tree (the large tree surrounded by Spladooshes), there is a mossy rock. Thin it out to reveal the symbol. 


  • If Mickey completes Hostiles in the Jungle before finishing this quest, Starkey will unlock Hangman's Tree, skipping the need to look for the symbols. However, doing so will mark this quest as expired in the quest log.
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