Fireworks are explosives that appear in Epic Mickey where they are activated in Dark Beauty Castle's towers and were used to destroy the Blot. They also appear in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. They are used for various purposes like to destroy some obstacles. However, in some instances, setting off fireworks can do more damage than good.


How they appeared in the game is that Oswald somehow "forgot" to get rid of the fireworks in Wasteland, much to Ortensia's disgust when they are first revealed to the player at the end of Dark Beauty Castle.

In Game

Fireworks appear as a basket of small explosives and one rocket explosive. To set them off, Oswald needs to shock them with electricity. When he does, the tiny explosives start to shoot off into the air and then the big rocket soars up  and explodes violently, dealing massive damage around them.


  • There are a bigger variations of fireworks near the end of the Floatyard that are so big that they cannot be moved.
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