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Fix Donald's Boat is a quest given by Animatronic Donald in Lonesome Manor. The objective is to fix Donald's sunken tugboat in Ostown. To get this quest Mickey must do the following things;

  1. When Mickey first arrives in Ostown and you have to get Prescott out of the safe, do not thin out the support beam. This will cause the safe to fall on Moody and then he can't help you with this quest.
  2. In Lonesome Manor, Mickey must collect all of Animatronic Donald's parts. You can find them at the Library, Ballroom, and Attic. You can also get a part from Gabriel when you return to Bog Easy after you repaired the Pipe Organ. If you do not get all the parts, you can buy them from Bertrand at his Bog Easy store.

Once the above are completed, Mickey can talk to Donald to receive a gear to fix his boat. After that, Mickey must head to Ostown and give the gear to Moody to complete the quest. The boat will rise and Mickey will receive a gold E-Ticket. (worth 100 E-Tickets)

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