Gag Factory in Epic Mickey 2

The Gag Factory is a building in OsTown. As the name suggests, it is similar to a joke shop, providing Wasteland with entertainment.


The Gag Factory was once a gift store in Disneyland. It can be reasonably assumed that it ended up in Wasteland after the attraction's closure.


Epic Mickey

The Gag Factory is out of business, but people keep assuming it's open. A Quest for Mickey, Thin the Gag Factory, is to thin it out completely as per Abner's request.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Greengrem (1).png

Gremlin Prescott was put in charge of the newly-reopened Gag Factory, much to his displeasure. He felt that the job is beneath his level of intelligence, and as a result has left the factory to fall apart. Later, another Gremlin takes over the job, astounded by that fact that it's still standing after Prescott's poor caretaking skills. If you hand this Gremlin some Scrap Metal, he will start to fix up OsTown, starting with the Gag Factory itself.

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