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InGather the Flowers is part of the A Pirate's Love quest arc. Mickey needs to gather flowers for Clarabelle Cow in OsTown to make into a bouquet for Damien Salt to give to Henrietta in Ventureland.

Flower Locations

These are found in almost the exact same locations as the fuse boxes in the OsTown Phone Network quest, except one. It is also notable that while she says in Mean Street or OsTown they can all be located in OsTown.

  1. The Wall by the Gag Factory
    • Starting from the Projector Screen go around the gag factory to end up on the side with grass that is next to the lake of thinner.  Start thinning the outside wall (wall of the town) and a cave will appear. Inside will be the Sparkle Daisy and a few E-Tickets of varying size.
  2. Under Clarabelle's Lawn
    • There is a large pit located beneath Clarabelle's Garden.  Simply go there and start thinning her lawn and you will find it. The Swamp Iris is in the bottom of the pit with an assortment of E-Tickets.
  3. The Cave Behind Clarabelle's and Ortensia's Houses
  • Go between Clarabelle's and Ortensia's houses and thin the wall there (outside wall of the town).  Another cave will appear with a Mickey Mum and E-tickets.


Three pins are rewarded after delivering the flowers to Clarabelle for her to make into a bouquet.  There is one for each of the flowers.

  1. Mickey Mum Pin
  2. Sparkle Daisy Pin
  3. Swamp Iris Pin
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