Gears are quest items in Epic Mickey. There are three total. Mickey finds the first two on a required quest to repair the Projector Screen to Ostown with Gremlin Markus' help. One used to belong to Pete, but then he gave it to Gilda when he lost a race to her and now Mickey has to beat Gilda's race time to earn the gear. The other one is held by Horace and he will gladly trade it to Mickey if he finds Horace's missing book, How to be a Detective. The third gear is in an optional quest if Mickey didn't drop Gremlin Prescott's safe on Moody and repaired Donald. The robo-mallard will give Mickey the gear and ask him to give it to Moody to help raise his tugboat out of the Thinner River. When Mickey does so, in addition to the satisfaction of helping out the metal substitute of his feathered friend, he will get a gold E-ticket that's on top of the tugboat.

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