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"You ain't never had a friend like me!"

The Genie is a character that has appeared in all of the Aladdin films, and its television show. By fans, Genie is considered to be one of the funniest characters in Disney history. Genie is a popular character, and lives in the Toon World


Scrapped-iconNotice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.

In Epic Mickey

Genie only appears in the scrapped concept were he was trapped by the Storm Blot along the toons.

In Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Along with many popular characters, Genie is sucked into Wasteland by Mizrabel's powers. Aladdin will ask for Mickey's help in finding him in her Castle of Illusion.

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