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Gilda is an anthropomorphic mountain goat (cow in the sequel) who loves climbing and racing. She also has a Guardian who follows her around. Mickey can race her guardian before the timer runs out to obtain quest items.

Epic Mickey

Gilda was climbing Mickeyjunk Mountain when Blotlings attacked. Gilda hid on a ledge and thought she was safe, but they caught up. The goat was forced to flee. She safely made it back to Mean Street, but she left her climbing axe in her hiding place.

Big Bad Pete challenged her to a race sometime later, claiming to give her a prize if she beat his time, thinking she couldn't. Gilda won easily, but the actual prize wasn't decided, so Pete gave her a Gear for the Projector Screen machine he happened to have. Mickey needs that Gear to go to Mickeyjunk Mountain himself, so he talks to Gilda. Wishing for her axe back, she inadvertently gives Mickey the "Gilda's Lost Axe" Quest. She challenges Mickey to a race around Mean Street. If the mouse can follow her Guardian to the checkered flag and beat Gilda's race time of one minute, the Gear is his. She congratulates Mickey when he does so.

Gilda is then seen on the bridge in OsTown after Mickey returns from Mickeyjunk Mountain. If Mickey found her axe and didn't use it to get into Osmore Caverns, Gilda rewards Mickey with a Power Spark and 100 E-Tickets.

From then on, Gilda challenges Mickey to three more races; one in OsTown, one in Ventureland, and one in Bog Easy after Mickey returns from Mickeyjunk, Tortooga, and Lonesome Manor, respectively. Gilda rewards Mickey with a Power Spark every time.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Gilda appears in Epic Mickey's sequel in Mean Street South. After taking care of the Guardian Siphons in Autotopia, she will appear near the Ventureland projector. In the Epilogue, if you repair Autotopia, Gilda will challenge Mickey and Oswald to a time race, or a demolition derby.


  • It's unknown how Gilda got a Tint interested in racing. Or how she even attracted it, for that matter.
  • During the fight against the Blot at the end of the first game, she leaves the areas she was previously found in (other than Mean Street where she leaves sometime after Mickey leaves for Mickeyjunk Mountain), heading to an unknown location.