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Notice: This article contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Good Ending (also called the Paint path or Heartwarming Ending) is an ending Mickey can unlock in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The good ending is obtained when Mickey makes the morally right choices in certain major quests. It's possible to have a mix of good ending scenes and bad ending scenes depending on how certain quests were completed.

Epic Mickey

NOTE: The events of Epic Mickey 2 confirm that this ending is partially non-canon to the story, and therefore some of the events mentioned below did not occur.

  • Small Pete starts working good with all of the Gremlins. (for showing his ship log to him (whether or not you showed it to Gremlin Bennet first)
  • Eight Gremlins dance to "It's a Small World" and play with the Clock Tower watching them nearby. (for redeeming the Clock Tower) aka using Paint. (non-canon)
  • Pete Pan fights Animatronic Captain Hook and the latter slashes the former, then laughs heartily of having his adversary putting up in good spirits fighting him (for saving his Sprite and not killing Hook/smashing him to bits). (non-canon)
  • Petetronic and Gremlin Nova, Gremlin Sparks, and the other three Gremlins in Tomorrow City ride on the Rocket Ride (for redeeming Petetronic) Paint. (canon)
  • Big Bad Pete gives away fireworks to the citizens of Mean Street. (for completing his Bunny Roundup quests, as well as helping Small Pete, redeeming Petetronic, and saving Pete Pan's Sprite)
  • The Mean Street citizens give Horace praise for his success at being a detective. (for solving all of his cases)
  • Animatronic Daisy, outside the Tiki Hut in Ventureland, grabs a tiki mask that looks like Donald and holds it dearly. (for finding all of her parts)
  • Animatronic Goofy cleans OsTown with his vacuum leg while hopping on his other leg. (for finding all of his parts)
  • Animatronic Donald is talking to a Gremlin in Bog Easy, until a Lonesome Ghost appears and spooks him. Donald angrily squawks at the ghost for scaring him while the Gremlin laughs. (for finding all of his parts)

Epic Mickey 2

  • The Mad Doctor's Animatronic Arachnid begins to fall. Oswald goes to save him when he does so, but then he grabs Oswald, intent on taking the rabbit with him. Mickey tries to get him to let go and sprays paint at him, which makes part of his face come back again. This brings him to his senses but they still fall, and the Mad Doctor grabs Mickey and Oswald and uses his rocket feet to escape. They land near the start of the Mad Doctor's Ride. The ride stops and frees everyone. He then sings "That's What Heroes Do". During the song, the Tint Guardians turn him into a Cartoon again, and he truly reforms. The Mad Doctor later appears with Mickey and Oswald on their float during the parade (for using paint on the Mad Doctor's machine in the final part of the boss).
  • The Blotworx Dragon is at the parade on Mean Street and breathes hearts instead of thinner gas as he passes through the street (for redeeming him with paint in the final part of his boss). (non-canon)
  • Horace hands Clarabelle a book with info on some of the cases he's working on (If you make Clarabelle Horace's assistant in the Horace's Assistant Assistance side quest).
  • Prescott's Mech follows behind the Dragon and waves as it passes by (for filling the pump on the cannon with Paint and breaking through machinery to paint in the gears and power them up with electricity to Prescott's Mech). This is available only if you didn't take the secret projector in the Floatyard. (non-canon)
  • Ghost Ian is celebrating with some Spatters as he gives them Ice Cream cones and Deloris the Slobber offers Paulie one ((If the Spatters and Deloris are befriended in Fort Wasteland) aka Paint.
  • Animatronic Donald gives Animatronic Daisy some flowers which she accepts from him (If you fixed his boat in the sidequest Donald's Date).
  • As the Petes plan their scheme after the credits roll, Petetronic is nowhere in sight (for helping him deal with the Blotworx in Blot Alley).



Epic Mickey - Good Ending and Credits


Epic Mickey 2 - Full Paint Good Path Ending


Epic Mickey

  • Yen Sid's quotes in the first game's ending go along with its events ("Struggles we faced or avoided" during Small Pete, referring to the ship log). ("How well we manage time" during the Clocktower, referring to redeeming him or killing him). ("Enemies defeated or redeemed" during Captain Hook and Pete Pan, referring to saving the Sprite or destroying Hook). ("The ways in which we treat others" during Petetronic and Big Bad Pete, referring to redeeming or defeating the former and the latter's side missions). ("and perhaps most important friendships we nurtured or neglected" during Horace, Animatronic Daisy, Animatronic Goofy and Animatronic Donald, referring to putting the animatronics back together and solving cases for Horace or ignoring them).

Epic Mickey 2

  • Epic Mickey 2 treats mostly the good ending of the first game as canon, with the exception of the Clock Tower that was canonically defeated with thinner, Captain Hook (who "disappeared") and a couple minor choices. However, for the most part the game remains vague on the canonity of the first game.
    • Also canon in Epic Mickey 2 is Telephone's destruction by Gremlin Prescott and the thinning of the safe above the Gag Factory.
  • In Epic Mickey 2, should you decide to paint the Blotworx Dragon yet thin out Prescott's Mech, the ending will show Prescott's Mech as fully redeemed visibly in the background of the Dragon's scene. Shortly after, it is then actually shown to be thinned out. If you destroy the Dragon with thinner, you can still see Prescott's Mech restored even if you thinned it, but only a little.
  • In the Blotworx Dragon and Mad Doctor bosses of Epic Mickey 2 , the end result is determined only by the player's choice of paint or thinner in the last part of the battle. For the Blotworx Dragon, painting the last spatter despite using thinner initially will trigger the battle's paint ending, and also vice versa with thinner. The same can be seen with the Mad Doctor boss too, with the second part of painting or thinning the masks.
  • For Prescott's Mech, however, the thinner ending can be achieved through using either paint and thinner in the beginning. To get the paint ending, the player must use only paint throughout the boss.