The Great Big Tomorrow is the rough Wasteland equivalent of the Carousel of Progress, run by a dog named Mister RoverMickey reaches this location after completing the Tomorrow City Lagoon.

The attraction is quite simple, bearing a screen in the center of the room that displays an image of Tomorrow City's future, with the image varying depending on how Mickey deals with the Slobber that is rampaging through the ride. Mickey's reward also varies. Redeeming the Slobber rewards Mickey with Animatronic Goofy's torso, while thinning it grants him a gold Pin. After restarting the ride, Mickey is able to exit the theater with his newly acquired TV Sketch and head down a hallway to Tomorrow Square


  • This is the first area where Mickey encounters a Slobber as well as the first area where Mickey receives a TV Sketch
  • Gus mentions that he loves seeing the Great Big Tomorrow, perhaps due to the fact that he loves technology.  


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