Green Gremlins are a type of Gremlin found in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. They have all got the same voice.

Since the majority of Gremlins in Epic Mickey 2 are now named by their color, it is unknown if any return from Epic Mickey or not.

Notably, when Gremlin Prescott leaves the Gag Factory, a Green Gremlin takes over his position. After mentioning his disbelief at how the Factory is still running under Prescott's power, he requests Mickey bring him Scrap Metal, so he can restore OsTown to it's former glory. Like many of the Gremlins in the game, it is possible he is one of the Gremlins from the first game, just without his true name.

Other Green Gremlins can be found throughout Wasteland, a few trapped in cages which will require the power of both Mickey and Oswald to break them out.

List of Named Green Gremlins

Green Gremlin Locations


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