The People Mover must be functional to open the doors blocking Space Voyage.

–Gremlin Apollo, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Apollo is a purple Gremlin who is caged in Tomorrow Square in Tomorrow City. He's an all too easy Gremlin for Mickey to find; he's right on the ramp leading up to the People Mover! After he's free, he gives instructions on how to repair the Mover, stop the trams, and open the exit - Place TVs on each of the three pads.


  • Gremlin Apollo is one of the easiest gremlins in the game to find.
  • If Mickey doesn't free Apollo on his first visit to Tomorrow City but does so on the second visit (when battling the Bloticles), Apollo will remember that there's something he knows about the trams but he dismisses it, since the trams are broken during the Battle of Tomorrow City.
  • Apollo is named after the Apollo, the first rocket that made it to the moon. This is understandable, since he works in a place revolving around rockets and space travel.
  • Very strangely, on your second visit to Tomorrow City during the Battle of Tomorrow City; there is sometimes a rare bug that causes his suit to change a blue suit.
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