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Now that I am free, I can lock down that gate and keep the Thinner from pouring back into the riverbed.

–Gremlin Buzz, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Buzz is a green Gremlin that's trapped in Tortooga's jungle in Pirates of the Wasteland. His pounding against his cage behind a wooden door can be heard if Mickey is near it.

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To free him, Mickey must paint in three thinned-out lanterns.

  • The first one is close to Starkey's location.
  • The second one is on the area with the stone heads on the ledge, if facing the jungle entrance.
  • The third one is on the ledge leading to the bridge near Gremlin Buzz's location and the well.

After painting in all three lanterns, the wooden door he's behind opens. After he's freed, he fixes the dam and the Thinner river permanently dries (as opposed to the alternate method of painting in a gear on the dam and only temporarily drying the river for 30 seconds at a time).