I'll enable that Projector Screen behind you. It's a secret shortcut to the European Boat Ride. Don't tell anyone.

–Gremlin Ditto, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Ditto is a blue Gremlin who lives in Gremlin Village. He's caged and guarded by a Spatter. Ditto is an extremely easy Gremlin to miss.

After fixing Gus' house and fixing the Gremlin Village Windmill, Mickey must ride on it and jump on the right platform behind the windmill (the left one has a gold E-Ticket) and he must either redeem or defeat the Spatter. Then, he must use the spin move on Ditto's cage and he will be free. He'll then turn on the Clock Cleaners Part 2 Projector Screen, which is a shortcut through European Boat Ride, but he tells Mickey not to tell anyone that. Ditto says Gremlin Sunstar is the caretaker of the Village Tower, while he's the keeper of the Gremlin Village Windmill.


  • According to the PC files for Epic Mickey 2, Gremlin Ditto is the Gremlin who is captured in Blot Alley. [1]


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