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Jamface put me in charge of these gizmos, but wouldn't y'know. The quake broke 'em all.

–Gremlin Flynn, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Gremlin Flynn is a blue Gremlin in the Penny Arcade in Mean Street North. He says the aftershocks have damaged the arcade machines badly. He will give you The Other Side of the Screen optional quest. Flynn says the machines can be fixed with special pins obtained from tough boss fights. You receive one pin by defeating a boss and the other pin can be bought from the Pin Trader. You will also receive E-Tickets after getting the two pins.

Blotworx Dragon Machine

Prescott's Mech Machine

  • Second Chance Pin (Paint)
  • Napoleon Complex Pin (Thinner)

Mad Doctor's Machine

  • Trust the Mad Doctor Pin (Paint)
  • Down With the Mad Doctor Pin (Thinner)

Flynn will give you the Game Grid Pin if you fix all three arcade machines.


  • His name is a reference to Kevin Flynn, the main protagonist of TRON and the tritagonist of TRON: Legacy. Like Gremlin Flynn, Kevin owns an arcade and is highly tech-savvy.
  • Unlike many other Gremlins in Epic Mickey 2, Gremlin Flynn has a unique name. Most of the other Gremlins are named by color, e.g Blue Gremlin.