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[[File:Gremlin_Gus.jpg|thumb|Early 3D model for Gus]]'''Gremlin Gus''' is an old forgotten [[Gremlins]] Disney character from an old Gremlins movie, and comic books. He serves as a guide to Mickey in his adventures in the [[Cartoon Wasteland]] where Gus tries to convince Mickey to aid the inhabitants, and is the leader of the Gremlins.
[[File:Gremlin_Gus.jpg|thumb|Early 3D model for Gus]]
==In the game==
Almost like Jiminy Cricket from ''Pinocchio'', Gremlin Gus is the'' ''one'' ''that tells the player all the basic'' ''controls and how to do'' ''actions''. In the beginning of the game, Gremlin Gus rescues Mickey from the maniacal [[Mechanical Arm]] in the [[Mad Doctor]]'s Lab in the [[Dark Beauty Castle]]. He is seen accompanying Mickey as his companion throughout the game. ''
After the [[Shadow Blot (original)|Shadow Blot]] is destroyed, Gremlin Gus is seen along with the rest of the forgotten characters celebrating Wasteland's renewal.
Originally from a World War II Movie, Gus and the other Gremlins were inspired by a Roald Dahl book, simply named "The Gremlins". In it, Gus was known for destroying planes, such as drilling holes in the wings. He is described to have a deep, hoarse voice, and his appearance isn't much different from the illustrations of the childrens' book. Despite the movie being canceled and not shown in theaters, the book still sold. However, only so many were published, and coming across them is quite rare.
Even though the movie was a no-show, and the book unsold, the Gremlins appeared in a few comic books, which sold for cheap, like most Disney comic books.
When Warren Spector was given access to the Disney Archives, he found Gus and the other Gremlins there, and decided to make Gus a main focal point of the game, comparable to Navi from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he will constantly let you know what he's feeling, such as praising you for doing good and painting things in, or berating you for erasing things, and not doing what you're supposed to do.
Gus lives in the first world Mickey explores, based on fantasyland, mainly"It's A Small World".It can be seen in the Game Informer magazine, as a bright and cheerful-looking place, where Gremlins can live in peace. That is, until the Shadow Blot is created.
It is unknown at this time if Gus will appear in anything Disney-related in the future, or how Mickey's choices affect him and the other Gremlins in game.
== Trivia ==
-Gus never introduces himself to Mickey at any point of the game. In fact, Mickey only says Gus' name twice in the entire game.

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Gremlin Gus

Early 3D model for Gus

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