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I'll fix this one in a jiffy.

–Gremlin Kip, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Kip is a blue Gremlin who can be found in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Epic Mickey

Kip can be found in Mickeyjunk Mountain. His cage lies on a drum in the left of the area. To get to him out, Mickey should start on the leftmost island and then jump from toy to toy on the Thinner ocean until he reaches the drum. If Mickey frees Kip he'll give him a swell reward. If Mickey has not yet completed the "Power the Crane" quest, he fixes the crane! If Mickey has already completed this quest, he won't do anything, but he's one of the Gremlins needed to obtain the "Gremlin Guardian" pin.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Kip reappears in the sequel. After defeating Prescott's Mech, if Mickey returns to the Floatyard, he will see Kip next to Animatronic Stromboli. He will explain that after Prescott was "arrested" by Big Bad Pete, Gremlin Jamface sent him to help with the damage done to the Floatyard. Apart from that, he will ask Mickey for some pictures of his favorite floats around the yard, including a Cinderella carriage and a clock.


  • The walkthoughs on the Epic Mickey YouTube Channel fail to show how to rescue Kip.
  • Sometimes, no matter how many times you come back to the Floatyard and find and take a picture of the clock, the Mickey camera icon will not turn green, and Kip will still continue to ask you to take a picture of the clock, even if you have come across it.