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Well, well, now look who's decided to grace us with his presence.

–Gremlin Prescott, Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Gremlin Prescott is the Gremlin in charge of the Gag Factory in OsTown. Even though in Epic Mickey, he is a background character and ally to Mickey Mouse, he is the secondary antagonist in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Although he originally had no notable job in OsTown, he is later put in charge of the formerly closed Gag Factory in the sequel. He is voiced by Dominic Keating in both Epic Mickey and its sequel.


In the first game, Gremlin Prescott has the appearance of an ordinary Blue Gremlin. In the sequel, he is clad in purple with gear-like shaking shoes, and wears a black and silver glove with a large red button in the middle, a brown belt on his head with two small pipe-like items, and a large computerized device across his waist and other electronic items strapped around his back.

In Epic Mickey[]


Prescott being released (Thinner Path)

Before Mickey's arrival, Prescott got in an argument with the Telephone in Mickey's House, which ended with Prescott stuck in the safe above the Gag Factory, and the Telephone stealing his wrench. When Mickey arrives, he can either paint back Pirate Moody's house (in return Moody will give you the combination to the safe), or thin out the beam holding the safe. The latter, however, will make the safe fall on Moody, and seriously injure him.

When Prescott breaks out of the safe via the Paint path, he will accidentally slam the door on Mickey's face, and comment on how much of a good likeness the imprint of Mickey's head is on the safe. Prescott will then explain that the Telephone locked him in the safe and stole his wrench by tricking him into the safe (by promising him there was a present inside... which there was not).

He will then ask you to let him into Mickey's house to get his wrench from the phone, if Mickey wants his help in getting any further. If you choose to say "no", then you will need to finish a quest from the telephone.


Watch where you step.

If you allow him to get his wrench personally, Prescott will destroy the telephone in an apparent act of revenge. You will not be able to speak with the telephone at all from here on if you choose this path, but you will find a phone gear in the house. However, this will make progressing through the game much simpler.

After that, Prescott swiftly mends the broken bridge containing the Projector Screen to Mickeyjunk Mountain so that Mickey can continue his journey through Wasteland and finally reach Oswald. He wishes him luck on his journey, and hangs around outside Mickey's house with his trusty wrench.

Towards the end of the game, after Mickey defeats all the Bloticles in OsTown, he thanks Mickey. When the Blot is defeated, it is most likely that he celebrates on Mean Street

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

GremlinPrescott EP2

Gremlin Prescott reappears in Epic Mickey 2 as one of the main antagonists. Keeper of the Gag Factory, Prescott always dreamed of doing more with his life, whilst also secretly holding a grudge against those who cannot see his self-proclaimed genius. Over the years since Mickey's first visit to Wasteland, bitterness and envy crept into Prescott, leaving him a sarcastic curmudgeon. He hardly has a kind word for anyone.

Episode 1: A Family Reunion[]

When Mickey and Oswald arrive, Prescott is in the basement of the Gag Factory as they enter OsTown, tinkering with a strange radio-like object. He swiftly hides the device in a nearby trunk and greets them sarcastically ("Well, well, now look who's decided to grace us with his presence."). He then tells them that the D.E.C. transport entrance they need is in a sinkhole of Thinner outside and that Gremlin Jamface gave Goofy some pumps to clean it up. He adds that he told Goofy to upgrade them, as they would take too long. When the pumps explode as Goofy overcharges them, Prescott explains that he was only supposed to overcharge one. He tells you that's what you should do instead of retrieving the pumps and using them normally. If you do take his advice, it will work, but supercharging a pump will cause streams of thinner to shoot and continuously thin out several houses, and Prescott will admit that he knew this would happen. Using the pumps normally will result in only one thinner stream shooting at Mickey's house, which can be stopped by rebuilding the statue.

Episode 2: A Small Mystery[]

After evidence of the sabotaging of the Wasteland projectors begins to point towards him, Prescott disappears. Ghost Ian of Blot Alley, Petetronic of Club 13, and Abe of the Train Tunnel Dioramas all tell you they saw him. After you follow their clues, Prescott is later seen in the Floatyard where he is seen taunting Mickey and Oswald to follow him, saying they'll never get past his defenses. When they catch up to him in Prescott's Arena, Prescott lets on about how his "talents" were wasted at the Gag Factory, feeling rejected by Gus. Soon, they find themselves in battle with a mechanical cannon resembling Steamboat Mickey (through the good path entrance only) before going toe to toe with a giant robot with Prescott's face on it (Prescott's Mech). Once Prescott's Mech has been defeated, Gus apologizes to him, saying he didn't want this to happen. Prescott then mutters in disbelief, mentioning that someone told him that no one could defeat him. Gus asks him who he's talking about. However, just as Prescott was just about to tell them, the Mad Doctor arrives with Daisy Duck the reporter, her cameraman, Big Bad Pete, and a Beetleworx Hopper. Although Prescott points towards the Mad Doctor, no one seems to notice him except Gus, who looks as Daisy tells the camera that they are on the trail of the notorious Gremlin Prescott and now plan to find out what he is up to. As everyone is still distracted, the Mad Doctor's Hopper hypnotizes Prescott. When they questioned him in the Mad Doctor's song "The Fall of Prescott," Prescott tells everyone that he planned the earthquakes and sabotaged the projectors on his own before being carted off by Big Bad Pete to Mean Street jail in City Hall. The doctor then declares that he was working alone and that his evil has now met its fate.

Episode 3: Into the Depths[]

With Prescott in City Hall Jail, the hypnosis causes him to become crazy, spurting out gibberish in his cell. Gus wishes to know why Prescott became bad, and scouts around and finds a suspicious blueprint. Things continue to worsen as Mickey and Oswald later learn that Prescott was actually a pawn in the Mad Doctor's plans, the Doc having convinced Prescott to turn on his friends and build a TV that the Doctor could use to broadcast himself to the cartoon world in a plan to escape Wasteland, after which the Doc hypnotized Prescott to keep him from telling his plans.

Episode 4: Epilogue[]

After the Mad Doctor is defeated, a no-longer-hypnotized Prescott is seen being taken hostage by Small Pete, Big Bad Pete, and Pete Pan (and Petetronic, if the Thinner/bad path was chosen) before they leave Mean Street in a projector (the one leading to Ventureland), possibly because they plan to have him build them something or to get to the costumes in the Mad Doctor's attic (which, at this time, is only accessible through Ventureland, and then Autotopia). This was possibly intended to be a teaser for the cancelled third game.


Epic Mickey[]

  • "I'm free!"
  • "What a good likeness!"
  • "Thank you for rescuing me! I owe you one."
  • "You went to see the big cheese, Oswald himself, eh? Is he as funny as they say?"
  • "If that telephone tells you there's a present in an open safe, don't believe it."
  • "I'll bet The Blot didn't believe you could do that."

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

Episode 1: A Family Reunion[]

  • "Well well, now look who's decided to grace us with his presence."
  • "I told him to overcharge one pump, not THREE. Yes it makes the pumps slightly unstable.. but it also gets the job done faster!"
  • "Very well. But if you'd like things to be done quickly… come talk to me."
  • "Don't listen to that goof! My Supercharger will get the job done with just one pump machine."
  • "Just bring a pump to supercharger by the Gag Factory, and use Oswald's electric beam to charge it."
  • "Careful though. The effect won't last long, so make sure to put the pump on its base next to the pool before the charge goes away."
  • "The pump won't stay supercharged forever you know. You have to connect it before the charge wears off."

Episode 2: A Small Mystery[]

  • "I'll send you back to Mean Street in a paint can!"
  • "An umbrella won't help you here!"
  • "Why are you running? I just want to say hello! (LAUGHING)"
  • "(TALKING LIKE A PIRATE) Ah, batten down the hatches, matey!"
  • "(TALKING LIKE A PIRATE) Ah fire the canons, ye bloomin' cockroaches! (LAUGHING)"

Episode 3: Into the Depths[]

  • "I... Don't... Understand... He told me no one could defeat me!"
  • "Welcome to the wonderful world of... (MUMBLES). This portion of the show is brought to you by... Eeh! Eeh! Eeh!"



Notice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.

  • The sequel regards Prescott destroying the Telephone in the first game as the canon path. This could be considered minor foreshadowing, showing that Prescott is fully capable of destroying someone who dares to stand in his way.
  • In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Prescott's color scheme is depicted in an inconsistent manner; his original color in the first game is blue, but in the second, he is depicted in purple. Concept art shows him as being mostly blue.
  • According to Warren Spector on Twitter, he wasn't aware of Prescott's color changing error.[1]
  • He is the only known Gremlin that turns evil.
  • The red button on his left glove was a self destruct gag in the early scripts.[2]
  • In an early script, Prescott was to fall to his doom by accident. This would have been the first and only time a non-villain (since Prescott was not an enemy in this script) was canonically killed. [citation needed]
  • In the novelization, it is shown that Prescott is jealous of Gremlin Jamface, due to the attention he receives from Gus. Gus responds by telling Prescott that he always felt that he was the stronger of the pair, and thus didn't require the extra help. This could possibly mean that Prescott is Gus' son, and/or Jamface's brother.
  • According to Gus, Prescott is the one who invented the amplifier to the Toon World and tried to upgrade the projectors more than they are in the game, but Gus rejected his idea.
  • When you first meet Prescott in Epic Mickey 2, he will use the negative behavior of a regular Gremlin. Once he has spoken at least once, he never uses that behavior again in OsTown, though he will use it again in Jail.
  • One of the builds (Build 8, July 2011) of the Epic Mickey 2 prototypes, shows two unused dialogs of Prescott, where he doesn't sound malicious and does not talk pejoratively about Jamface (or, in this version, Markus). "You should head to the Rainbow Caverns and attach the Mad Doctor's anti-Blotworx device but the Utilidor leading there is closed." "Also, Markus wants you two to look into why the projectors may have failed while you're down there. "
  • According to the files of ''Epic Mickey 2,'' Prescott's favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.