Gremlin Prescott's Wrench is a Quest given by Gremlin Prescott in OsTown

To get his wrench, Mickey must either let him in his house to break the Telephone or paint the Phone Boxes and talk to the Telephone.

Telephone Box List

  • There is one by his house (already painted in)
  • There is one underground, Mickey must use thinner on Clarabelle's flower garden, but she won't be happy about it.
  • There is one on the Gag Factory. Mickey doesn't need to thin it to complete Abner's Quest.
  • There is one by the wall next to the gag factory. Mickey must thin the wall.

After Prescott has his wrench, he'll fix the bridge and Mickey will be able to go to Mickeyjunk Mountain.


  • Letting Prescott grab the Telephone is considered the 'canon' path by the sequel.
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