Thank you for freeing me! I heard you were a hero - you proved it!

–Gremlin Starr, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Starr is a blue Gremlin found in the first area of Tomorrow City, the Nautilus. He's on the left side of where Mickey starts out, trapped in a small temple. As soon as Mickey gets near him, Gus points out that he hears a trapped Gremlin. Before Mickey can save him, he has to create a path to get into the temple.

  • First, Mickey must spray Thinner at the base of the pillar near the rightmost crane to create a ramp up to the first paintable gear.
  • Second, thin out the base of the column under the spot where Goofy's right leg is, then paint in the jutting-out rock to reach the second gear.
  • Finally, he must climb the structure in the northwest corner of the area, thin out the platform to get rid of the rubble, paint the platform back in, jump on, then paint in the third gear.

Once all of this is done, two pillars rise up to the roof of Starr's temple. Mickey must then thin out the roof to get to him.

Or, if Mickey wants to avoid all that, he can simply make a lucky jump from the top of the leftmost crane and land on the roof. However, if he avoids the gears, he'll miss the rewards for painting them.

As thanks for being freed, Starr fixes any missing repairs on the cranes for the Nautilus, making going to the Tomorrow Lagoon much easier. If everything is already fixed, Starr simply teleports away, but Mickey should free him anyway, since he's one of the Gremlins for the Gremlin Guardian Pin.

After Starr is free, paint in the fourth gear located in the temple to open the front door of the temple at the back of the area which contains a gold E-Ticket.

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