Scrapped-iconNotice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.

Gremlin Sug was a Gremlin that was supposed to appear in Epic Mickey but was removed.

He appeared as an anti-Gus that would offer to buy Donald's parts from Mickey for maximum Health Upgrades. He was meant to bring out Mickey's selfish side but was considered too unrealistic to Mickey's character when it comes to his friends, while other choices closer to his personality were put in.


  • "Say there ol' chap! If you were to give me that Donald piece I would gladly imbue you with a permanent health bonus of TWO... what say you?"
  • "That extra health working for ya? For that Donald part I'll give you some more."
  • "We've done great business so far. Care to extend you vitality another point? Just gimme that Donald part."


  • Despite effectively being the evil Gus, Gremlin Sug didn't have a unique design from the other Gremlins.
  • It's unconfirmed whether or not Sug would trade for other Animatronic parts, or just Donald's.


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