Only someone with your unique talent for creating Paint could have done that.

–Gremlin Tiestow, Epic Mickey

Gremlin Tiestow is a green Gremlin who works in the Slalom area in the World of Gremlins. When Mickey and Gus meet him, he says that the door leading to the rest of the tunnels is stuck closed because two gears in the opening mechanism have been thinned. Gus suggests that Mickey helps by using his brush to paint in the missing gears. Tiestow warns Mickey that one of the inert gears is new and fragile and tells the mouse not to break it. If Mickey paints in the two gears, the door opens and Tiestow happily teleports away, saying that he'll meet Mickey further down the line. However, if Mickey uses his spin attack to smash the inert gear, the door breaks, but hangs open enough for Mickey to get through. Tiestow gets upset but still saying he'll meet up with Mickey later.

After Mickey fights his first two Spatters, Tiestow reappears. If Mickey painted one or both of the Spatters, Tiestow shoos them away. The Gremlin then opens the exit door to the Ticket Booth area. If Mickey patched all of the steam pipes, Tiestow unlocks a grate blocking access to the "Tunnels" Extra Content, urging the mouse to enjoy it.

In Epic Mickey 2

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, after you drained the Thinner in OsTown, there is a Green Gremlin that, unsurprisingly, is named Green Gremlin. He is possibly Tiestow in the Underground of OsTown. He tells you can paint in the yellow gears to open the doors that leads to a Treasure Chest of pins. But first, you have to either defeat or redeem a Hopper with Oswald's Remote. Tiestow doing something with doors means he's up to his old hobbies.


  • If you already got the Extra Content from patching the steam pipes, Tiestow will happily reward you with... Nothing? His dialogue will remain the same but nothing will be in place where the Extra Content once stood...
  • Gremlin Tiestow is probably later in charge of the Gag Factory according to the PC files. [1]
  • He is the green caged Gremlin in the Floatyard.[2]


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