The Gremlin Village is a hub section of the wasteland that is made up of the remains of the "It's a Small World" attraction. Surprisingly, this part the wasteland is in much better condition than others but it has a river of thinner running through it which hurts Mickey if he touches it. There are a few theme park rides in the village like the Dumbo Elephant ride and a spinning teacup ride. The Clock Tower also lives in Gremlin Village as its friendly resident.

Mickey can gather missions or items from the Gremlins living here.



  • There's a Bronze Pin hiding in Gus' house after painting it back in.
  • The Dialouge of the Gremlins change if you use Paint or Thinner on the splatters in both areas.
  • Using Paint on all the leaking pipes in Slalom warrants you the Extra Content of "Tunnels".
  • In the Ticket Booth area you are given the first Paint or Thinner pump. Using Paint gets the Teacup ride to work normally again and Tim will open the Treasure room under the pump room that has a Bronze Pin. Use thinner and the umbrella above the Tea Cup ride will drop and the ride will never work again, but it allows access to the chest on top of it which carries a gold ticket.
  • In the Jungle Boat Ride there's a chest which seems impossible to get. If you fill in all the gears with paint instead of using them to get up to the upper floor not only will the chest be lowered but it'll start up an easier way to get up to the upper level.
  • Freeing all the Gremlins in the Jungle Boat ride gives you not only one less fight with Sweepers, but also a chest with a silver pin. Miss just one and you'll never get it.
  • In the first room of Jungle Boat Ride you must either paint back the hippos or thin the pipes.If you paint back the hippos, a will open it's mouth, letting you get the White E-Ticket (10 E-tickets) inside
  • Giving Small Pete's log to Bennet will make Small Pete friendly to you and he'll open a treasure room and the exit once you meet him again. Give the Log to Shaky and you'll get the "Gremlin Pin" and a three stage fight with blotlings once you meet back up with Small Pete.
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