Guardian Pool

Disney Gulch Guardian Pool in the Paint state.

Guardian Pools are pools of water in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, in which Guardians reside. The pool's state depends on what type of guardians appear. The more Paint or Thinner Mickey uses, the more he converts the Guardian Pool to that state. Mickey could attract Guardians to him if he lingers near the Pools depending on it's current state.

Guardian Pool States

  • Paint: Appears blue; Tints appear; restores health while standing in it.
  • Neutral: Appears clear, similarly to water; no Guardians appear; slows down the player's movement while wading in it.
  • Thinner: Appears green; Turps appear; will harm Mickey or Oswald if they touch it, just like regular Thinner.



  • Guardian Pools replace the previous method of obtaining guardians in the first Epic Mickey, although manipulating the Pool's state utilizes said method.
  • If an enemy makes contact with a Guardian Pool while it is in a state other than neutral, it will be affected in the same way as if Mickey uses Paint or Thinner on them (ex. a Blotling standing in a Paint Guardian Pool will be instantly befriended, whereas they will be instantly killed if they touch a Thinner Guardian Pool).
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