Health Upgrades are power-ups in the games. In the main games, they resemble common health-refilling power-ups, a pink version of Mickey's head with a white heart in the main "head."

In Epic Mickey

There are five of them in the first game, and each one permanantly increases the number of Mickey's health pips by one. Each one is obtained by a different method.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In the sequel, the Health Upgrades return, and can only be bought at shops such as the Emporium. In certain shops, the more health upgrades you buy for Mickey and Oswald, the more expensive they will be.

In Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion

Health Upgrades (known in this game as Health Extensions can either be purchased from Scrooge's Shop, or obtained as a reward for completing certain quests.


  • It's possible to have a total of ten health pips in one playthrough of Epic Mickey. However, since one of them can only be obtained once per file, it's only possible to have nine health pips for every subsequent playthroughs after that.
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