Help Gilbert Scare Someone is a quest that Gilbert gives Mickey when he arrives in Bog Easy for the first time.

How to Complete

To help him scare Louis, he has an option to get the Courage Medal (which Gus refers to as a "Courage Badge") from the Sunken Steamer (which is based on the Mark Twain attraction in New Orleans Square) and Ian will ask him if he wants to buy the medal for 200 E-Tickets. He can sell his Courage, but the other quest, Recover Louis' Courage, cannot be completed. All he has to do is talk to Louis after he sold his Courage and he must thin out the lantern and Gilbert will scare him and the quest will be completed. To complete the quest, you can also just thin out the lanterns on Louis' shack with or without the courage. He can also give the badge to Louis, but the quest cannot be completed.

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