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Hoppers are the most common variety of Beetleworx. As their name implies, they hop around Wasteland on patrol. Hoppers are one-legged machines that have buzz-saws implanted on their heads for combat. Their toon armor is usually modeled after various birds from Disney media.


In Epic Mickey[]

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two[]

  • An owl in Bog Easy based on either Friend Owl from Bambi or the owl from The Old Mill
  • Toy Soldiers (that were scrapped from Epic Mickey) in the Train Tunnels Clocktower diorama modeled again after It's a Small World
  • Horned Devils in the Floatyard modeled after the inhabitants of the Inferno Room from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.
  • An unidentified blue bird design was found in the prototype banks and the end credits of Epic Mickey 2 but was scrapped from the game.


Hoppers will peck at Mickey with their buzz-saws if he gets too close, knocking him back but dealing no damage. Paint is of little use against them - it can only slow them down a bit. In order to defeat Hoppers, they must be thinned to melt away their shell, which exposes them to be damaged by Mickey's Spin Move. While exposed, however, its attacks deal 1 pip of damage instead of knockback. They also attack much faster, making them deceptively dangerous. After a few attacks, the Hopper will retreat to recover its Paint shell. An alternative way to defeat them is to use the spin move to knock them off a cliff or into Thinner while their shell is on.


  • In the files, Hoppers are called "AnimatronicFodder", similar to Seers who are called "BlotlingFodder". This is because they're the weakest enemies of their respective categories.
  • Using a spin move to hurl a Hopper into a Gremlin Cage will break it.
  • Hoppers are the only Beetleworx type to appear on Mickeyjunk Mountain, despite it housing one of the main Beetleworx factories.