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Two Hoppers on Mickeyjunk Mountain

Hoppers, the common variety of Beetleworx, and as their name implies, they hop around the levels on patrol for everyone's favorite mouse. Most of these Beetleworx are modeled after various birds, such as the vultures from The Jungle Book or the vultures from Snow White, which can be found in Ventureland and Lonesome Manor respectively, and Scuttle from The Little Mermaid or Wilbur the Albatross from The Rescuers, the latter variety being found on Mickeyjunk Mountain. There is also a variety found in Tomorrow City, having space helmets, but no one is sure what variety it is.

In the sequel, some new types of Hoppers appear. In Bog Easy, they're based on either Friend Owl from Bambi or the owl from The Old Mill. In the Train Tunnels, there's the toy soldier from "It's A Small World " varieties, the small horned devils from Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in the Floatyard, and in the credits an unused blue bird.

In the second game, they have buzz saws implanted in their heads.


Hoppers peck at Mickey if he gets too close, causing him to losing a life. In order to defeat Hoppers, use Thinner to melt away their shell, then spin attack the exposed green weak point. They are mostly immune to Paint, but it will slow them down. Another way to defeat the Hoppers is to use your Spin Move repeatedly and push them into Thinner pools or off cliffs.