The Detective Agency in Epic Mickey 2

Horace's Detective Agency is an area found in Mean Street in both Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. As the name suggests, it is a detective agency run by Horace Horsecollar.

Horace will give Mickey several cases (many optional) to solve. In the sequel, he has only one case that he needs help with.

Epic Mickey Quests

  • Recover Horace's Book: Speak to Casey in the Emporium, who will tell Mickey go to the Ice Cream Parlor, where you must speak to Paulie who will give you Horace’s book.
  • Find Dog Tags: Horace is in search of the Robot Dog and needs Mickey's help. Go to Tomorrow City Square Launchpad, walk around the tram track and you will see the dog tag behind a wall of glass. Go to its right and you will notice a ball-like machine pod. Use thinner to open it and jump into the machine. It will transport you to a higher platform. You can go up and place a TV sketch to activate a crane-like machine. Then, go down and pick up the dog tag.
  • Detective Mickey I: Paint all the footprints on the street, this will lead you to the cinema were you will need to jump up onto the roof, thinning out the walls and using them to get on top of the roof. If you painted all the footsteps, he will give you the book. If you didn't, you have to buy it for 50 E-Tickets.
  • Detective Mickey II: Paint and follow all the footprints from Clarabelle Cow's house.
  • Missing Pirate: He is on the Pirate Voyage. You should notice him before the whirlpool, trapped in a jail. Thin the jail next to his, and free the Gremlin. He will open the jail. Talk to him and collect some goodies.
  • Detective Mickey III: Paint and follow all the footprints from the back of the Tiki Hut.
  • Missing Hatchet: The hatchet is on the top of the library in the Lonesome Manor (Thin out the walls).
  • Detective Mickey IV: Paint and follow all the footprints from Louis' Shack.

Epic Mickey 2 Quests

  • Horace's Assistant Assistance: Horace will ask Mickey's assistance to help get rid of Tedworth, who is proving to be a poor assistant. To make Tedworth leave, Mickey and Oswald will have to find the teddy bear pieces scattered around Blot Alley. When giving them to Tedworth, now you can help him get a new assistant: Clarabelle Cow (as nominated by Ortensia) or Barnacle Jones. Barnacle Jones would tell you that Scurvy Pat has his compass and wants it back. Once Scuvy Pat tells the truth, he will give Mickey and Oswald Barnacle Jone's compass. If you give Barnacle Jones' compass to Horace, he will decide to let Clarabelle be his assistant.


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