Ice Cream is an occasional quest item in Epic Mickey. It appears in four quests, and seems to have come from the Short "Magician Mickey".

In Epic Mickey

In Epic Mickey, ice cream is involved in three different quests.

  • The second is if Mickey wants the bad ending to the "A Pirate's Love" Quest. The ice cream is available for sale in the same spot and for the same amount. Paulie's Ice Cream Shop in Mean Street for 100 E-Tickets. Buying the ice cream is less work than collecting the flowers, but Henrietta, being lactose-intolerant, will turn Damien down if he offers this to her, leaving him to eat it in rejection.
  • The third quest that ice cream appears in is if Mickey repaired/destroyed Hook's evil machine in Skull Island and all the pirates (including Damien) left Ventureland. Missing Damien, Henrietta will give Mickey the "Ice Cream for Henrietta" Quest, asking him for ice cream to remind her of the "sweet" times she had with Damien. Mickey will get the Special "Ice Cream" Pin after completing this quest.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, it can be bought for 200 E-Tickets and then sold to Laralee for the One Toon's Trash quest. It also has a melting variant that can be bought when Paulie's air conditioning isn't fixed. It can be sold to Lauralee for a much higher price.

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