This article is about the final level of the first game. For other uses of the word "Blot" see Shadow Blot (Disambiguation).

Inside the Blot is the last location of Epic Mickey. As its name suggests, Mickey is inside the Blot.


The battle REALLY starts to go crazy here. After Mickey enters he must go through some passages until he finds Gus. If he has freed every Gremlin in the game Gus will stay and give him the "Gremlin Guardian" pin. After that Mickey finds the main room where Oswald is trapped. It is also where Mickey's heart is guarded by 4 Bloticles and a few Seers.

First Bloticle

After taking out the weak spots on the first section of the first Bloticle, Mickey is allowed access to another corridor. Inside there is another section of the Bloticle. Once it's taken care of, Mickey is allowed access to the chamber beyond that which contains the rest of that Bloticle and a new unstoppable Blotling known as Lost Characters. After taking care of that room, Mickey can go back to the first chamber where his heart is.

Second and Third Bloticles

The second and third Bloticles are taken out similar to the first one. The only difference is the layout of the rooms and the bones that occasionally try to crush Mickey on the way back from the second Bloticle.

Fourth Bloticle

The fourth Bloticle is the only Bloticle not to spread out of the room. Upon return from the third Bloticle, Slobbers spawn in the main chamber making it harder to take the thing down. All Mickey has to do though is take out the weak spots on the Bloticle. The blotlings are there to make that task harder. Once he has taken out the Bloticle the ending cutscene plays and the game ends.


  • Gremlin Guardian Pin: Given by Gus if every Gremlin was freed.
  • Bronze Pin: Found in a thinned chest soon after finding Gus.
  • Lonesome Manor III: On a ledge in the main chamber.



  • The treasure chest and Gus if he gives you the pin are the only toon objects in the Blot.
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