The Jail in Epic Mickey 2

Jail is an area found in Mean Street. It is run by Big Bad Pete.

In Epic Mickey, Pete requests Mickey's help on a few occasions, mostly in rounding up Oswald's numerous Bunny Children. The Bunny Children will then be shown behind bars, but needless to say Oswald will be pretty upset, calling Pete a bully. Pete will be particularly impressed if you help out the other various Petes found in Wasteland, and may even help out a little as his way of showing thanks.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, he still requests Mickey's help with a few personal errands. Later, this is where Gremlin Prescott winds up as the only prisoner found in the game.

Tortooga Jail

Vl jail

Tortooga Jail

Another jail can be found in Tortooga in Ventureland. There, a trio of jailed pirates offer Mickey quests if released. One of these quests are required to move on to the next area, the Jungle.


  • According to some rumors, the original Phantom Blot (the masked thief from the Mickey Mouse comics that inspired the Blot) was going to have a cameo in the Mean Street jail before it was scrapped.
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