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Jim's Third Riddle is a quest given by Jim the Puzzled, after the Pirates have left Ventureland. This is the final quest in a trilogy of quests Mickey can complete. Solve Jim's Riddle and Solve Another Riddle for Jim must be completed before receiving this quest.

When talking to Jim, he will tell Mickey this is the final riddle to test his mental strength. He then says the riddle:

"My voice carries, near and far. I work in homes, in planes, in cars. I'm rarely hearing, always talking. Turn my dials and I start squawking."

To solve this riddle, Mickey must head to Bog Easy, and once there, he must go into Louis' shack. Inside, there is a Radio at the far end of the room. When talking to the Radio, it will state Mickey has solved Jim's riddle and that he is the answer. Mickey can then return to Jim in Ventureland to claim his prize.

When returning and talking to Jim, he will thank Mickey and reward him with a Gold Pin and 150 E-Tickets. However, this and all of Jim's quests are optional and not needed to progress the story of the game.

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