This article is about the boss level found in Epic Mickey. For the Power of Illusion level, see Jolly Roger (Power of Illusion).

Mickey climbing to the Jolly Roger.

The Jolly Roger is Captain Hook's pirate ship and arena for the boss battle with Animatronic Captain Hook.

In Epic Mickey

When arriving at the Jolly Roger with Smee's boat, Mickey will have to climb through some boxes while avoiding Tick Tock. When finishing climbing, Captain Hook will appear and welcome Mickey to his ship and the battle with start.


Bronze Pins

In Captain Hook's hidden treasure room (Spin to break the lower-left wall. You'll see a crack in it).

Special Pins

Captain Hook Pin- Shaped like a black heptagon with Hook's hook. Gained if you defeat him by feeding him to the Crocodile or bashing him to bits.

Extra Content

Animatronic Crocodile - Hidden on the opposite side of the ship where you climb the rafts.


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