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The Shadow Blot being unleashed onto Wasteland in Mickeyjunk Mountain after escaping the Jug.

The Jug is a major object that appears in Epic Mickey. It is responsible for unleashing the Thinner Disaster, as well as the Blot . It is also known to be the Blot's prison throughout the game.


Mickey's Mischief

The Jug in Yen Sid's Castle.

In the game's opening sequence, the Jug is seen being used by Yen Sid to hold Thinner. However, upon leaving, mischievous Mickey Mouse sneaks into his workshop and accidentally creates the Blot. Panicking, Mickey hurls thinner at the Blot to defeat it and proves to be effective. Upon hearing footsteps, Mickey rushes to clean up the mess, unknowingly bumping over the Jug, thus spilling thinner onto the model of Wasteland. The Blot is then unleashed onto the world as the void to Wasteland opens, causing the Jug to fall in as well.

The Thinner Disaster

Mickey Mouse accidentally creating the Thinner Disaster.

For some unexplained reason, the Jug is bigger in Wasteland than it is in the Toon World. So much bigger, in fact, that when it falls into Wasteland and smashes on impact, the remaining Thinner forms a gigantic tidal wave. It ravages Wasteland, even wiping out a few toons. Of course, the Shadow Blot comes alongside it, making it that much worse with the Blot Wars.

The Blot Wars

After Oswald the Lucky Rabbit loses the Blot Wars, he comes up with a new idea: Fight the Blot again on the highest peak of Mickeyjunk Mountain and imprison him, using the newly-repaired Jug. Oswald and Ortensia carry out this plan, but as they're trying to seal the Blot in the Jug with a cork, Ortensia sacrifices herself saving Oswald from the Blot and is turned into an inert statue. Oswald finally seals the cork enough to trap the Blot, but not enough to stop the Blot from spawning countless minions and a second-in command. It is then that Oswald exiles himself to Mickeyjunk Mountain to guard the Jug and makes sure the Blot never escapes.

The location is convenient, for Oswald, being a rabbit, can climb to the Jug's location relatively easily, but the climb is practically impossible for anyone else to make.



Notice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.

  • During early development, the Jug (pictured) resembled an actual thinner jug, and was originally nested near the Thinner sea. This area was called the Jug Pump.

    The early jug with mechanisms attached. These were meant to drain out the thinner from the sea.

  • Originally, the inside of the Jug was meant to be an area in the game that housed many forgotten/rejected underwater-themed ideas, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • According to The Art of Epic Mickey, a rejected version of Ursula was meant to appear in the original Epic Mickey but was scrapped. She would have been a wise woman that lived in the Jug (which was meant to be a playable area at the time) and would have shared her knowledge with Mickey about various things in the Wasteland.