Oh, no, look at this ride, it is not fixed at all!

–Gremlin Gus, Epic Mickey

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The Jungle Boat Ride is a location in Epic Mickey. All Mickey has to do is to thin out the pipes or paint the hippos.

The Animatronic Hippo will open its mouth if he painted all the hippos. When all the hippos aren't painted, it will grunt and won't open its mouth. This introduces a new Blotling, the Sweeper. Gremlin Gus says he throws thinner and tells him that he will sweep Mickey if he gets too close. Mickey can either redeem or defeat the Sweeper. Afterwards, he must free the Gremlins: Trigo, Hyperion, Habel and Pinza to get the Treasure Chest. He should paint every gear to get the hard chest, then, up on the bridges, there are two Spatters. Mickey can redeem or defeat the Spatters.

Then, he could jump on a swimming Hippo and get the Extra Content and redeem or defeat the Sweeper. To open the exit, he must spin the valves to kill the Sweepers. Freeing all four Gremlins gives him the chest. Then, the exit will open. This leads to the Asia Boat Ride.

After doing this, he should step on the plate and Small Pete will talk to him, guarding the Asian Boat Ride.

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