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Keys are frequent quest items in the game. They resemble plain golden keys with a fancy carved pattern on the "holding" end.


Mean Street

The first time Mickey encounters a key is when he finds one in Mean Street after thinning out a manhole on the street to the left of the Ice Cream Parlor. Gus wonders what it's for and that suggests that Mickey hold on to it. The mouse later finds out that the key is for the back room of the Emporium, and after returning it to Casey, the shopowner will give Mickey a free Power Spark as a reward, and the Emporium will have a MUCH bigger selection of items.

Pirates of the Wasteland


The second time a key is included in a Quest is when Mickey attempts to retrieve the Compass from Scurvy Pat. Asking Mickey for his treasure, the pirate gives him the key to the Treehouse, which makes it accessible from that moment on, especially for the "Move In" quests should the mouse unlock those.


Mickey also encounters keys in Tortooga for the jail cells holding the three pirates. One key is located in the chimney on the jail, which has to be thinned out in order to obtain the key.

The second key is on a hidden ledge by the water wheel. Mickey can just jump down to get it, paint in one of the wheel's "spokes," and jump on to get back up.

The third key is in the roof on the highest point in Tortooga. Mickey can simply thin out the top of the building to get the key.

Each key only works once, so all three keys have to be found to release all three pirates. However, only the rightmost pirate (nearest the stairs) is the only one that's required for he tells Mickey where BelugaBilly's sword is located. The other two merely offer optional quests that each have a Bronze Pin as a reward.

Dark Beauty Castle

The last location that contains a key is The Mad Doctor's Lab in Dark Beauty Castle after the Moonliner Rocket crashes. After Mickey takes care of the overflowing Thinner, a Slobber appears holding the key that unlocks the exit. Befriend or kill the Blotling to obtain the key and unlock the door.


  • All the keys in the game look the same, even though each one has a different purpose.
  • Despite the fact that each jailed pirate points out the location his individual key, all the keys work for any of the cells, albeit only once.
  • After Mickey obtains the first jail cell key in Tortooga, Gus confirms that it is for the jail, revealing that he's seen one before, afterwards telling Mickey not to ask how he knows.
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