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Laralee is a goat who works in the Mean Street Museum as its curator. She claims that Wasteland itself is actually a big museum with all the old forgotten Disney creations, minimizing the need for a Museum.

In Epic Mickey

Before the Thinner Disaster, Laralee offered Ortensia 250 E-Tickets in exchange for her locket so she could put it on display. However, the cat refused, since her true love Oswald gave it to her as a gift.

After the Disaster and the breaking of the Projector Screen-powering machine, Laralee found a Power Spark and put it up for display. When Mickey asks for it, she's hesitant to part with it but offers to trade it for something else. After talking to the Usher and getting Hook's Cutlass from him, Laralee happily makes the trade.

Later, she finds a second Power Spark and also puts it up for display. If Gremlin Prescott disassembled Telephone and left the Gear behind, Mickey can trade that for the second Power Spark.

Later still, if Mickey finds Ortensia's locket, he can trade it to Laralee for 250 E-Tickets, though doing this will cause him to miss out on a permanent health upgrade from Oswald. Strangely, if Mickey does this, the locket never actually gets put on display.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Laralee returns in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, where she requests that Mickey bring her some items to show in the Museum.