The Library is a level in Lonesome Manor. Upon entering, Madame Leona informs Mickey that poltergeists have been making a chaotic mess of her library and asks Mickey to restore order before he's allowed to leave. She gives Mickey three quests: Settle the Library Bookcases, Catch the Flying Books, and Restore Leona's Paintings. Only the first of these quests is required for Mickey to progress.

This is the location of both one of Animatronic Daisy's parts and the hatchet for the Find the Hatchet quest for Horace. Both are located behind thinnable toon walls.


Settle the Library Bookcases (mandatory)

See the Settle the Library Bookcases article.

Catch the Flying Books (optional)

See the Catch the Flying Books article.

Restore Leona's Paintings (optional)

See the Restore Leona's Paintings article.



  • This is the first area where Mickey encounters a Slobber.


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