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Scrapped-iconNotice: This article or section contains information about content that was planned or conceptualized for the Epic Mickey series, but was ultimately scrapped. Information about scrapped content should not be considered canon.
Lifters are Beetleworx that were scrapped entirely in Epic Mickey.

The only known Beetleworx variety of Lifters that exist have a head of Jiminy Cricket, a body of Mickey's Trailer (from the Mickey's Trailer cartoon), a clawed arm, and Dumbo's legs. From what many have speculated, they are presumably called what they are due to the fact that there is a clawed arm above their head that was most likely used for lifting objects to attack the player or grab and suspend them in the air with it, similar to Dropwings.



  • The name of the enemy was unknown until it surfaced in Epic Mickey's debug files.
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