A list of the Projector Screens in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

Main Network

  • The Band Concert V1 (Mean Street North to Ostown)
  • Building a Building V1 (Rainbow Falls to Rainbow Caverns)
  • Building a Building V2 (Fort Wasteland to Floatyard)
  • Mickey's Service Station V1 (Mean Street North to Ventureland)
  • Music Land V1 (Blot Alley to Train Tunnels)
  • Music Land V2 (Train Tunnels to Fort Wasteland)
  • A Night on Bald Mountain V1 (Rainbow Caverns to Disney Gulch)
  • The Skeleton Dance V1 (Mean Street North to Bog Easy)
  • The Skeleton Dance V2 (Bog Easy to Blot Alley)

Not Part of Main Network

  • Instant Projector V1 (Mad Doctor's Lab to Mean Street South
  • The Old Mill V1 (Disney Gulch to The Mad Doctor's Lab)
  • The Old Mill V2 (Disney Gulch to The Mad Doctor's Lab; secret route)
  • The Band Concert V2 (Floatyard to Prescott's Mech)
  • The Old Mill V3 (Floatyard to Prescott's Arena; secret route)
  • Instant Projector V2 (Prescott's Arena to The Gag Factory
  • Mickey's Service Station V2 (Ventureland to Autotopia)
  • World of Evil (Autotopia to Mad Doctor's Old Attic)
  • A Night on Bald Mountain V2 (Mad Doctor's Attic to Mad Doctor's Ride)
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