The Lonesome Ghost Look-alikes are exactly what the title says: Clones of the Lonesome Ghosts. They appear after Mickey returns from Lonesome Manor if he didn't deal with the Pipe Organ or made him angrier. According to Ghost Ian, they tipped over one of Madame Leona's bookshelves by accident, so the undead librarian forced them into possessing candlesticks, unable to free themselves. They now wander Bog Easy. Ian asks Mickey to smash the four candlesticks so the ghosts can be set free.


  • It's unknown why these Look-alikes exist, although it's possible that they're rough drafts or different versions of the real Lonesome Ghosts.
  • Interestingly, when Mickey first arrives in Bog Easy, he encounters all four Lonesome Ghosts, though Gilbert is the only one that talks. But when Mickey wanders Bog Easy before going into the Manor, the mouse only encounters three. The former suggests that Screeching Sam, located in the Manor, is a Look-alike, but the latter suggests that Screeching Sam is the real deal, and the fourth ghost encountered at the beginning is either a briefly seen Look-alike or simply a mistake on the animators' part.
  • One of the Look-alikes in the candlesticks claims that Mickey woke him from a nap, even though the candlestick was moving as if the ghost was awake and controlling it.
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