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The Mad Doctor's Attic (also known as the Lonesome Manor Attic or the Attic) is an area in Lonesome Manor in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

This is where you battle the Mad Doctor in the first game and free Gremlin Jamface in the second.

In Epic Mickey

After you scale Lonesome Manor you get to the Attic. The Mad Doctor attacks you with three Beetleworx replicators. You have a choice here. Either you can destroy the first two replicators manually or you can free two other gremlins (Stuffus and Jarvis) in other Lonesome Manor areas. Then you can either destroy the third replicator and get a thinner upgrade or you can activate the ride there using a TV Sketch and an Anvil Sketch and you get a paint upgrade. You can also jump up to the rafters and get a piece of Animatronic Donald. Also, you can go to the place behind where the Mad Doctor's Snowglobe was and get a Gold Pin and an Extra Content piece.

In Epic Mickey 2

After Autotopia you arrive at the Mad Doctor's now abandoned attic, transformed by the quake and the resulting Thinner spillage. Gremlin Jamface is trapped in a snow globe. You can either reprogram the replicators or destroy them. If you reprogram them, then you get the Ohana Pin from Jamface. If you destroy them, then Jamface goes flying to who knows where and you get a chest containing the Gremlin Ballista pin.


  • In the second game if you thin out certain areas you can see costumes of Pete such as Colonel Pete, Pirate Pete and another unseen Pete.
  • In the second game, above the safe is a painting of Mean Street's loading postcard from the first game, with two thun out bags on strings. Paint both of these in, and the painting will rise up to reveal a piece of golden cloth and a chest with a Generic Pin in it. You can access it by flying with Oswald from the platforms with the access ports, or thin out some wood supports on a platform and get Oswald to use his boomerang on some newly exposed metal supports to bring down a platform with Gremlin Jamface's face on it. Thinning out the bags will lower the painting again.