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The Mad Doctors attic or, also known as The Lonesome Manor Attic or The Attic is an area in Lonesome Manor in Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

This is where you battle the Mad Doctor in the first game and free Gremlin Jamface in the second.

In Epic Mickey

After you scale Lonesome Manor you get to the Attic. The Mad Doctor attacks you with 3 beetleworx replicators. You have a choice here. Either you can destroy the first two replicators manually or you can free two other gremlins (Stuffus and Jarvis) in other Lonesome Manor areas. Then you can either destroy the third replicator and get a thinner upgrade or you can activate the ride there using a TV Sketch and an Anvil Sketch and you get a paint upgrade. You can also jump up to the rafters and get a piece of Animatronic Donald. Also you can go to the place behind where the Mad Doctors Snowglobe was and get a Gold Pin and an Extra Content piece.

In Epic Mickey 2

After Autotopia you arrive at the mad doctors now abandoned attic. When you get there you may not recognize it because it looks a lot different. Gremlin Jamface is trapped in a snow globe. You can either reprogram the replicators or destroy them. If you reprogram them then you get the Ohana Pin from Jamface. If you destroy them then Jamface goes flying to who knows where and you get a chest containing the Gremlin Ballista pin.


  • In the second game if you thin out certain areas you can see costumes of Pete such as Colonel Pete, Pirate Pete and another unseen Pete.
  • It is recommended not to fire Jamface into oblivion because when you see him on Mean Street North after the Mad Doctor Battle he will be rude and say "I am not speaking to one such as YOU! I hope that chest was worth my misery." He will also refuse to help you at all. Plus you can not complete the Operation Gremlin Drop quest.
  • In the second game, above the safe is a painting of mean streets loading postcard in the first game.
    • Also, while you are on the platform for reprogramming the third machine, look out and find the platform with 2 orange toon squares. Thin those out and have Oswald use his boomarmarang to take out the latches the reveal. Use Oswald to hover to the platform that is now lowered and face the painting. There is a toon sandbag on either side. Thin them both out and you get a silver pin and a gold cloth.