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The Mad Doctor's Jingles are a brief musical interlude found in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two.

At specific points in the game the Mad Doctor will communicate with Mickey and Oswald through Oswald's Remote. When he does this he will have a short little jingle to sing.

In Rainbow Falls:

Oswald, I'm on your frequency.

There's wonderful news coming down.

Hurry to my lab in the Gulch and I'll tell you...

Wait... What is that sound?

In Disney Gulch:

Oswald, Mickey, come to my lab.

You can use the train to get here.

But remember the train won't run.

Without the battery spheres.

Please hurry!

In Bog Easy:

Hello, my friends, I have bad news!

My beetleworx have been hacked!

Someone turned them against us, my friends!

Watch your backs!