The Mad Doctor's Lab is where the Mad Doctor performs his experiments. It is also where the first game begins when Mickey first arrives in the Wasteland. This area is also part of Dark Beauty Castle.

In Epic Mickey


Concept art for The Mad Doctor's Lab in Epic Mickey

In Epic Mickey, the Mad Doctor's Lab was in Dark Beauty Castle, at the beginning of the game. Mickey is trapped by the Mad Doctor, who tries to extract Mickey's heart using several tools ranging from a chainsaw to a plunger. However, Mickey breaks out of the wrist restraints and throws the plunger at the Mad Doctor to distract him, and grabs the brush, which scares the Blot and the Mad Doctor escapes. Oswald is seen by Mickey and he also gets away. Mickey is left alone with the Mechanical Arm that he must fight to escape. Mickey also finds Gremlin Gus in that area.

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

In Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, the Mad Doctor has two new labs, one his official lab where he conducts research alongside Oswald, and the other his secret lab.

The first is in Dark Beauty Castle, and acts as the entrance to the Courtyard during the castle escape. There are several blueprints for various contraptions, and a large machine that acts as a stairwell.

His second lab is deep in Disney Gulch, and this is the place in which Mickey and Oswald fight the Blotworx Dragon. Once they befriend it or defeat it, the Mad Doctor starts to sing I'm Falling Apart. The Lab's overall location is based on the exterior of Big Thunder Mountain.

In Tales of Wasteland

In the digicomics, Tales of Wasteland, the Mad Doctor's Lab may have actually first appeared in the Tales of Wasteland story "Oswald the Lucky Duck." This is because if you look at the scenery where the lab is, it is in a desert environment.



  • At one point in early development, Gremlin Gus was to be caged like the other Gremlins in the game, unlike the final version.
  • In the Lab, one can see that there are Toon objects that can be painted in and thinned out. However, they cannot be interacted with yet as using the brush's power is disabled until Mickey moves on to the next area of the castle; it is not possible to backtrack afterwards during the first visit. When Mickey returns to the Mad Doctor's Lab again via the Moonliner Rocket, he can interact with the Toon objects.
    • Because of this, it is the only 3D level that disables the ability to use Paint or Thinner during the first visit only.


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